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February 19, 2009
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Writing for Money

February 19, 2009

Hello everyone:

I am new to freelance writing. I have spent a lot of time on the internet looking for sites to write to that pay. It can be a frustrating search. I will list some sites I have found that pay. Anyone who wishes to add to the list, please join in!
These are sites where I currently earn money:

Demand Studios ($15 per articles, a few pay only $5 - you must be approved to write first)

Associated Content (Pays anywhere from .99 to $15 per article; but normally around $3-$5 dollars; wait time is normally 2 weeks for approval)

Informative Post (Recently, this site has stopped paying for upfront articles because of sponsorship problems but still pay you for views. This has been a very enjoyable site for me to write for)

Triond (I have been slow getting started here but have recently begun to post more articles. The pay is low but in favor of their site, they have no minimum pay out)

Here are a few other sites I have recently begun writing for but have not been there long enough to evaluate:

Constant Content (I have yet to have an article approved! :-( )
Dailyarticle.com (Easy to Use, post your article and list a price; I have 4 articles there but no sales!)
sprucer.com (I have one post and have been waiting a week for an approval! They pay $1 per article)
letterrep.com (I have one letter posted there but no sales, I constantly get emails for requested letters, they pay $10 if someones buys your letter)
Guru.com (they post freelancing jobs)
Scriptlance (You can bid on projects, I have not won a bid yet!)
Write Wrangler (I was approved to write there but when I tried to sign in, I couldn’t; I emailed support with no answer!)
duotrope - (accepts fiction and short stories)
textbroker.com - (have been approved as a writer after writing a sample article but have not found any jobs worth writing for pay is normally between $2 and $4 per article)

My biggest earner by far is writing for Demand Studios, they have different formats to chose from, how-to-articles, fact sheets, and about articles. My favorite type to write is about articles. Where else can you write a simple 500 word article for $15?

Please share with everyone any additional places you have found to write on the internet and earn money!

Happy Writing!


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